Product Direction

This page serves as a place to keep track of EssayGrader's direction. Our vision for the product and where we want to take it.

Our vision

Currently trusted by tens of thousands across the nation, EssayGrader has already made significant strides in transforming the way we approach grading. We are immensely grateful for the support we've received so far, but our ambition knows no bounds. Our mission? Elevating EssayGrader to unprecedented heights, shaping it into an indispensable tool for every school nationwide.

In our "Future Iterations" section below, you'll catch a glimpse of the exciting features we're gearing up to introduce. These innovations are not just enhancements; they are stepping stones toward our ultimate objective: making EssayGrader the gold standard in school systems. Imagine a world where every writing teacher relies on our product to deliver swift and precise feedback to their students. Envision students taking charge of their writing, empowered by EssayGrader to craft exceptional essays and papers.

We aspire for EssayGrader to be more than a software; we envision it becoming an integral part of the educational landscape, akin to the essential tools every school employs. We understand that the realm of Artificial Intelligence might seem daunting to some, but we firmly believe it shouldn't be. AI is not just a buzzword; it's a powerful force for good, here to simplify our lives and enhance the learning experience.

In this new era, we advocate for embracing all available technology to support our educators and students. EssayGrader is not merely a product; it's a testament to our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for the betterment of education. Together, let's dispel the fear of the unknown and usher in a future where every student's potential is unlocked, where teachers find their workload lightened, and where education is truly empowered by innovation. Join us in this exciting journey toward a brighter, more efficient, and profoundly impactful educational future.

Current position

EssayGrader has already come a long way since the initial launch in January of 2023. We’ve graded over 100,000 essays and seen over 25,000 users sign up. Schools over the United States rely on our tool to provide their students with quick and accurate feedback on essays.

A few key important updates we've made based on user feedback were:

  • Bulk essay uploading
  • Custom rubrics
  • Organize essays by class
  • Ability to upload consecutive essays (queue grading system)
  • Ability to support essays with longer word counts (current: 5000, previously: 2000)
  • Pricing plans that work for all budgets

Future iterations

The list below captures a few important features we are working on or plan to work on in the near future.

  • More accurate grading results
  • Ability to pull in state standards
  • Integrate EssayGrader with Google Classroom
  • TDA support (text dependent analysis)
  • Plagiarism detection (in parallel with our existing AI detection)
  • Ability to import rubrics and parse the grading criteria
  • Would you like to see something else? Email us at