Essay errors example

Our software is able to detect grammar, spelling, sentence structure and more error types found in essays. As well as provide suggestions for the errors found. We output up to 5 found errors per error category.

Essay errors

Spelling errors:

  • "yall" should be "you all"
  • "spookie" should be "spooky"
  • "Barny" should be "Barney"
  • "erratically" should be "frantically"
  • "crooked smiled" should be "crooked smile"

Grammar errors:

  • "I disagree" should be "I disagreed"
  • "I said in a scared voice" should be "I said, sounding scared"
  • "I ask" should be "I asked"
  • "I started to exclaim" should be "I exclaimed"
  • "I screamed erratically" should be "I screamed frantically"

Sentence structure:

  • The essay lacks consistency in tense usage. It switches between past and present tense, which affects the coherence of the narrative.
  • The dialogue punctuation is inconsistent and should be revised for clarity.
  • The essay would benefit from more varied sentence structures to improve flow and readability.

Coherence and clarity:

  • The essay lacks clear transitions between events, making it difficult to follow the sequence of events.
  • The characters' actions and reactions are not always clearly explained, leading to confusion about their motivations and emotions.
  • The essay would benefit from a clearer introduction and conclusion to frame the narrative.

Factual inaccuracies:

  • The portrayal of the events seems exaggerated and unrealistic, which may affect the credibility of the story.
  • The actions and decisions of the characters do not always align with realistic behavior, which affects the believability of the narrative.

Original essay

Title: Spooky Times of 1982

Ring Ring!!!! “Ok class, time to leave,” exclaimed Mrs.Burdette, “oh and don’t forget fall break is in two days!” All the boys were talking about what they wanted to be for Halloween night and that they were going to scare the girl's soul right out of their body. “I’m pretty sure that we are going to scare yall so hard you won’t be able to sleep for a month!” I exclaimed. As they were walking out of the school to go home Addie noticed this weird car following us home from school. “Look at that car, I think it’s been following us home?” said Addie. “Na, I don’t think so” I disagree, “but do you want to have a sleepover at my house on Halloween night to make it EXTRA spookie?” “Yeah let’s do it, it will be so fun!” screamed Addie. “Ok but do you want to trick or treat?” “Um.. Yeah it will be cool to go trick or treating with some older kids, We can spook others and oh my gosh we should get a spooky combined costume!” Addie said. “Sounds great!” I said.

We started walking home when I heard a weird noise and we turned around. It was an old man who had fallen. We ran to go help him up. “Oh my gosh are you ok?” cried Addie! “Um.. I think so,” said the old man. “Stevens, call the ambulance!” Addie said. “No, that won’t be necessary.” exclaimed the old man “What is your name?” I said. “Barney and I best be going now” said the old man. “But no you should have dinner with us!” said Addie “I said I NEED to go!” yelled Barney It was so rude of him so we just kept walking home. “I can’t believe he was so rude to us.” exclaimed Addie. “It’s ok we just need to keep walking.” I said in a scared voice. When we got home we set up a sleeping arrangement and started talking about what we were going to be for Halloween.

“So what do you want to be for Halloween,” I ask. “Um well we can maybe OH MY GOSH, Addie started to exclaim, WE CAN BE VAMPIRE CHEERLEADERS!!!!” “Oh yes” I said excitedly A few weeks later it was time to trick or treat and everybody was about to get on the hayride when something horrible happened. “Come on Stevens let’s go.” Addie screamed erratically “Ok I will catch up to you in a minute.” I screamed back I started heading for the hayride when someone grabbed me on the shoulder. Next thing I know I am in a bag in the trunk bed. “HELP HELP,” I called out hoping someone would hear me but no one did. Finally the truck stopped and I got hauled into a house (I think) I peeked through the little hole in the bag and you wouldn’t believe who was carrying the bag, it was Barny!!! I quickly yelled, “Get me out of here!” I started to squirm around. “GET ME OUT OF HERE or so, help me I will bite you so hard your old wrinkly face will fall off!!!”

“Shut your mouth no one needs to know you're here!” whisper yelled Barny. I finally got out of the old bag and saw that we were in a shed. I screamed, “Let me go right now!!” “I am not letting you go until your parents give me 1 million dollars in cash,” Barny said, questioning himself on the numbers. My hands were all tied up when I got out of the bag. I gave him my mom's phone number so they can set up an exchange day. “So do you do this for a living and why do you do it? Give me all the details?!” I said in a trembling voice trying not to sound like a baby. “Well yes and I need the money, well and it’s fun to boss kids around!” said Barny in a mean and crooked smiled way. “No wonder you don’t have friends!” I laughed. “Stop talking or I will make your parents pay more,”Yelled Barny The next day someone knocked on the door, Barny opened it and it was my parents I was so relieved. “Oh my gosh my baby. How could you do this? Let me in right now!” yelled my mom.

“Where is the money because I am not letting her go until you give me my money!” said Barney in the rudest voice. “We are calling the cops!” yelled my dad “Where is the money!!” yelled Barny again. “We don’t have that kind of money,” my mom said worriedly. “Then I am not giving her to you anytime soon.” Barny said with his evil chuckle he does. Then my dad gets involved and next thing I know BANG!!! My dad had swung one at him really, really hard. I knew he wasn’t all that soft. My parents called the cops (finally) and they came so fast I was so relieved now finally I was home and safe and my parents never let me out of their sight.