9 Best Essay Grader Free Online Tools to Enhance Grading Workflow

May 25, 2024

If you are a teacher looking for tools to make your life easier, an essay grader free online is a necessary tool to consider. This tool can help teachers assess student writing, provide feedback, and save time. Essay grading tools online can also help students improve their writing skills and take ownership of their learning. Check out the top free online essay grader tools for teachers.

What Is an Automated Essay Grader?

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Automated essay grading is a computer-based assessment tool that scores student essays based on various predetermined characteristics. It aims to evaluate written work quickly and efficiently and is used in educational settings for formative and summative assessments. Unlike human grading, automated essay grading seeks to provide objective and consistent scoring, minimizing subjective bias and variability in scoring.

Evolution of Automated Essay Grading

The concept of automated essay grading started in 1966 with the Project Essay Grader (PEG) system, focusing on evaluating grammar, diction, and construction in essays. Over time, automated essay grading systems have evolved to incorporate advanced features such as latent semantic analysis, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning techniques. These advancements have led to more accurate and reliable essay scoring, improving the overall functionality and effectiveness of automated essay grading tools.

Real-World Applications of Automated Essay Grading

Automated essay grading systems are widely used in educational settings, with states like Ohio and Utah implementing tools like the Utah Compose tool and the Ohio standardized test for assessing student essays. These systems not only score essays but also provide valuable feedback to students, helping them improve their writing skills. Educational Testing Service (ETS) has also been instrumental in the research and development of automated essay grading systems, offering test-takers opportunities to enhance their writing abilities through content-based evaluations.

The Future of Automated Essay Grading

The future of automated essay grading looks promising, with ongoing research focusing on enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of these systems. With the integration of advanced technologies like deep learning and natural language processing, automated essay grading tools are poised to become even more sophisticated and effective in evaluating student essays. As these systems continue to evolve, educators can expect more robust and reliable automated essay grading solutions that streamline the assessment process and provide valuable insights into student writing abilities.

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How Does An Automated Essay Grader Work?

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Machine Learning enables AI systems to learn and improve by examining a dataset of teacher-scored essays. When exposed to a variety of essays and their grades, AI systems can distinguish high-quality essays from subpar ones. This ability is the foundation of AI essay grading software, allowing it to recognize high-quality responses and score them accurately.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) in AI Grading

Natural Language Processing is the cornerstone of AI essay grading. NLP algorithms examine various linguistic features in essays, including grammar, sentence structure, and content relevance. For instance, when evaluating an essay on a literary work like "Hamlet," NLP assesses not only spelling and grammar but also the analysis depth and thematic relevancy. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that AI grading tools can evaluate essays as a human would, providing accurate and detailed feedback.

Multiple Choice Grading by AI Technology

Grading multiple-choice questions is a straightforward task for AI grading systems. These systems are pre-programmed with the correct answers for each question. By comparing students' responses to the correct answers, AI graders can swiftly and accurately grade multiple-choice assessments. AI graders can identify patterns in incorrect responses, helping educators understand where students commonly struggle.

AI Short Answer Grading Mechanisms

Evaluating short answer questions requires nuanced understanding, a challenge that AI grading technology adeptly handles. AI tools check for key concepts and terms in students' responses, analyzing their appropriate usage. These tools evaluate the breadth and depth of understanding displayed in students' answers. This approach ensures consistent and objective assessment of open-ended questions, allowing educators to pinpoint areas needing reinforcement in their instructional strategies.

AI Essay Grading Platform: EssayGrade

EssayGrader is a reliable AI grading platform trusted by over 30,000 educators worldwide. On average, teachers spend 10 minutes grading a single essay, but with EssayGrader, this time is reduced to just 30 seconds. This 95% reduction in grading time enables teachers to focus more on providing personalized feedback and enhancing student interactions. 

EssayGrader allows teachers to replicate their grading rubrics, set up custom rubrics, grade essays by class, and even summarize essays efficiently. Over 500,000 essays have been graded by educators on this platform, highlighting its impact on enhancing the grading process. 

8 Benefits of Using an Automated Essay Grader

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1. High Productivity

In the area of essay grading, one key benefit of using an automated essay grading tool is the high degree of productivity it offers compared to manual evaluation methods. Automated essay scoring (AES) systems ensure a higher level of reproducibility, saving time for instructors and students alike.

2. Cost-Efficient

Another crucial benefit of using an automated essay grading tool is its cost-efficiency. The AES system can evaluate a large number of essays more effectively than human raters, resulting in cost reduction and faster assessment outcomes.

3. Steady and Unbiased

Automated essay grading tools provide a steady and unbiased evaluation process. Unlike human raters who may be influenced by factors like tiredness, distraction, or personal prejudices, the AES system ensures consistent scoring based on objective criteria.

4. Consistent Scoring

One of the advantages of using an automated essay grading tool is the consistency in scoring it offers. The AES system maintains standardized evaluation criteria, ensuring fairness and uniformity in assessing essays.

5. Reliable and High-Quality Result

Automated essay grading tools deliver reliable and high-quality results, especially when trained on high-quality training materials. By analyzing essays and their scores, the AES system can consistently provide accurate assessments.

6. Handles Large Volumes Easily

Another significant benefit of using an automated essay grading tool is its ability to handle large volumes of essays efficiently. As the volume of essays increases, the AES system proves more cost-effective due to its consistent initial cost.

7. Scoring Consistency

Automated essay grading ensures scoring consistency by evaluating each essay based on its merits. By eliminating human bias and subjectivity, computer-scored essays receive fair and objective assessments.

8. Instant Feedback

Automated essay grading tools offer instant feedback to students during writing exercises. Some AES systems provide a web interface where students can write essays and receive immediate feedback, helping them improve their writing skills through continuous training and guidance.

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9 Best Essay Grader Free Online Tools

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1. EssayGrader

EssayGrader is an AI grading platform trusted by educators worldwide. It reduces the time it takes to grade an essay by 95% compared to manual grading, providing accurate and specific writing feedback in just 30 seconds. Teachers can replicate their grading rubrics, set up custom rubrics, grade essays by class, bulk upload essays, detect AI-written essays, and summarize essays. Over half a million essays have been graded on this platform.

2. ClassX’s AI Essay Grader

ClassX’s AI Essay Grader is a revolutionary tool designed to alleviate the burden on teachers when grading students’ essays accurately and fairly. Teachers can input or copy essays into a text box, select the grade level and subject, and the AI system evaluates them against a predefined rubric. Criteria include content depth, structure, grammar, and style, ensuring a comprehensive assessment.

3. Gradescope

Gradescope is an AI tool that grades multiple choice questions in minutes, handling various subjects and question types. It offers real-time feedback on students’ performances, allowing teachers to scan and grade submissions, export grades, and receive detailed feedback. While Gradescope offers a free demo, users will need a subscription plan to continue using it after a certain number of submissions.

4. Formative AI

Formative AI is an AI tool powered in part by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, creating quizzes tailored to each student's needs. It automates grading for multiple-choice and short-answer questions, providing detailed feedback on individual performances. This tool helps teachers identify students’ strengths, weaknesses, and areas needing improvement.

5. Smodin AI Grader

Smodin AI Grader emphasizes accuracy and writing style improvements in its essay grading tool, powered by advanced AI technology.

6. CoGrader

CoGrader offers general grading assistance and feedback, catering to diverse educational settings and needs.

7. Turnitin Feedback Studio

Turnitin Feedback Studio combines plagiarism detection with detailed feedback on grammar, structure, and other writing aspects, becoming a popular tool among instructors and students alike.

8. GradeCam

GradeCam is known for its ease of use and instant feedback capabilities, making the grading process more efficient and effective for educators.

9. Kangaroos AI

Kangaroos AI is an ethical and user-friendly AI essay grader and tool for teachers, providing reliable feedback and assessment for academic writing.

7 Best Practices for Using Automated Essay Graders

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1. Define Clear Objectives

Establishing specific goals for using AI in grading can help maximize its potential. Whether it is about improving grading efficiency or providing more detailed feedback to students, it's essential to have these objectives in mind.

2. Customize to Curriculum

To make the most of essay grading tools, it is crucial to ensure that the AI grading system is tailored to the specific needs of your curriculum and aligns with your grading rubrics. Customizing the tool will enhance its effectiveness.

3. Train the System Thoroughly

Training the AI with a diverse set of example submissions can help improve its accuracy and reliability. This step is crucial to ensure that the system delivers consistent and accurate results.

4. Maintain Human Oversight

While AI can efficiently generate grades and feedback, it is still essential to have human oversight. Regularly reviewing AI-generated grades and feedback can ensure accuracy and address any discrepancies that may arise.

5. Prioritize Student Privacy

As you utilize essay grading tools, it is crucial to safeguard student data by adhering to privacy laws and implementing strong data protection measures. Protecting student privacy should be a top priority when using these tools.

6. Be Transparent with Students

Clearly communicating to students how AI is used in their grading process and the measures in place to ensure fairness and accuracy can build trust and transparency. Keeping students informed about the grading process can help them understand the tool's role in their education.

7. Regularly Update and Improve

Continuous assessment and updating of the AI system are essential to keep up with changes in curriculum and integrate new educational technologies. Regularly updating the tool can ensure it remains effective and aligned with educational goals.

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Save Time While Grading Schoolwork — Join 30,000+ Educators Worldwide & Use EssayGrader AI, The Original AI Essay Grader

With this innovative AI platform, teachers can replicate their grading rubrics, set up custom rubrics, grade essays by class, bulk upload essays, use an AI detector to catch AI-generated essays, and even summarize essays with the Essay summarizer. This tool is widely trusted by educators worldwide, with over 30,000 using it to grade over half a million essays. Teachers save up to 95% of the time they would spend grading essays manually, yet achieve the same level of accuracy. 

The Efficiency Gains with EssayGrader

On average, a teacher needs 10 minutes to grade a single essay. With EssayGrader's AI technology, that time is dramatically reduced to just 30 seconds. This represents a 95% reduction in the time required for essay grading, without any loss in quality. Teachers can now allocate their time more effectively, focusing on other aspects of their teaching duties, or even enjoying some well-deserved relaxation. 

The Customization Capabilities of EssayGrader

EssayGrader empowers educators to set up their grading rubrics and criteria for essay assessment. This means that the AI doesn't have to guess what the teacher is looking for in the essays it grades. By personalizing the grading rubrics, teachers ensure that the feedback their students receive is relevant, specific, and aligned with their expectations. 

The User-Friendliness of EssayGrader

A distinctive feature of EssayGrader is its user-friendly interface. Teachers can easily navigate the platform, upload essays in bulk, grade them by class, and access the AI-powered essay summarizer. Even educators who are not tech-savvy find it simple to use this AI grading tool, enhancing their overall user experience. 

The Trustworthiness of EssayGrader

EssayGrader has earned the trust of over 30,000 educators worldwide. Its accuracy in grading essays, efficiency in reducing grading time, and customization options have made it a reliable tool for teachers at all levels of education. College professors, high school teachers, and primary school educators alike benefit from the precision and consistency that EssayGrader offers. 

The Educator's Tool for Grading Essays

EssayGrader is the go-to AI grading platform for teachers worldwide. With its accuracy, efficiency, customization options, user-friendly interface, and trustworthiness, it has revolutionized the way essays are graded. Over half a million essays have been graded using EssayGrader by educators who value their time and want to provide high-quality feedback to their students. 

Save time, enhance the accuracy of essay grading, and get started for free today with EssayGrader!

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