14 Must-Know AI Tools for Teachers

May 7, 2024

Teachers have an abundance of responsibilities, from lesson planning to grading and providing feedback to students. It is no wonder they are in constant need of tools to help them manage their workload and make their teaching more effective. Whether it's creating engaging presentations, managing student assignments and grades, or organizing resources, there are plenty of apps and software designed to make life easier for teachers. In this blog, we will discuss the tools and software that can help teachers manage their busy schedules and engage students better. Find out which tools teachers prefer and why.

What Are AI Tools for Teachers?

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AI tools in education are designed to assist teachers and students in various ways. These tools use machine learning algorithms to analyze data and provide personalized recommendations and feedback to improve learning outcomes. AI tools can perform a wide range of tasks, including grading essays, providing personalized learning pathways, and offering tutoring assistance. 

Unlike traditional educational tools, AI tools have the ability to adapt to individual student needs and provide instant feedback, making the learning experience more interactive and engaging. Here are some common types of AI tools used in education: 

AI Essay Graders

These tools use natural language processing algorithms to automatically grade essays and provide feedback on grammar, style, and content. AI essay graders can save teachers time and provide students with consistent and instant feedback to help them improve their writing skills.

Personalized Learning Platforms

These platforms use AI algorithms to analyze student performance data and create personalized learning pathways for each student. Through adaptive learning technology, personalized learning platforms can help teachers design custom pathways for students to learn at their own pace and focus on areas where they need the most help.

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2 Major Benefits of Using AI Tools for Teachers

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1. Enhancing the Classroom Environment

  • AI can improve the classroom environment by facilitating interactive activities and creating exceptional teaching resources. 
  • AI chatbots like Bing or Google’s Bard can answer students’ queries in real-time, fostering engagement. 
  • Tools can generate engaging videos and interactive presentations, enabling personalized learning experiences.

2. Time-Saving Capabilities

  • AI tools save time, allowing educators to focus more on teaching and spending quality time with students in the classroom. 
  • Generative AI tools create lesson plans, discussion prompts, assessments, and other educational materials.
  • Automating tasks such as creating slides, grading assessments, and offering feedback enhances efficiency.


EssayGrader is the most accurate AI grading platform trusted by 30,000+ educators worldwide. On average it takes a teacher 10 minutes to grade a single essay; with EssayGrader, that time is cut down to 30 seconds. That's a 95% reduction in the time it takes to grade an essay with the same results. 

With EssayGrader

  • Teachers can replicate their grading rubrics (so AI doesn't have to guess the grading criteria)
  • Set up fully custom rubrics
  • Grade essays by class
  • Bulk upload essays

Teachers can also use the inbuilt AI detector to identify essays written by AI, and even summarize essays with the Essay summarizer! Primary school, high school, and even college professors grade their students' essays with the help of EssayGrader. Over half a million essays were graded by 30,000+ teachers on this platform.

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14 Must-Know AI Tools for Teachers

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1. EssayGrader.ai: Revolutionizing Essay Grading with AI

EssayGrader.ai is a game-changer for the education system as it transforms the way teachers grade essays. It drastically reduces the time spent grading essays, allowing teachers to provide students with prompt and precise feedback. 

Teachers can benefit from the tool's ability to:

  • Replicate grading rubrics
  • Customize rubrics
  • Grade essays by class
  • Bulk upload essays
  • Detect AI-written essays
  • Summarize essays. 

With over 30,000 educators worldwide leveraging EssayGrader.ai, this tool has become a staple in the teaching toolkit. 

2. iSpring Page: Creating Engaging E-Learning Content Effortlessly

iSpring Page is an AI-powered course creation tool that simplifies the process of developing courses, tutorials, and quizzes. This cloud-based platform offers an intuitive user interface and the iSpring AI virtual assistant, which boosts productivity by generating and editing text, brainstorming course ideas, and creating quiz questions. Teachers can enhance their teaching process by creating visually appealing eLearning content with ease through iSpring Page.

3. Canva Magic Write: Overcoming Writer's Block with AI Inspiration

Canva Magic Write, part of Canva’s Magic Studio, is an AI writing tool tailored to help educators overcome writer's block, brainstorm ideas, and create compelling written content. This tool is ideal for teachers who want to enrich their lessons by providing engaging and impactful content. Canva Magic Write offers suggestions, structure, and content to enhance creativity and effectiveness in teaching.

4. Magic School: A Comprehensive Platform for Teacher Efficiency

Magic School is a comprehensive AI-powered platform that offers a plethora of tools to aid educators in various tasks such as content creation, idea generation, material accessibility, and administrative duties. While initially overwhelming due to the array of tools available, Magic School’s user-friendly interface allows teachers to easily navigate and utilize the tools that best suit their needs, making it an essential resource for saving teachers valuable time.

5. Education Copilot: Streamlining Lesson Planning with AI

Education Copilot is a powerful AI tool designed to assist educators in designing class materials and lesson plans. This software leverages AI to create content for the classroom, from generating lesson plans to crafting writing prompts and student reports. This tool is perfect for teachers looking to save time on lesson planning and create personalized learning experiences for their students.

6. PowerPoint Speaker Coach: Enhancing Public Speaking Skills with AI

PowerPoint Speaker Coach is an AI-powered tool that enables educators to rehearse presentations and refine public speaking skills. This tool analyzes speech characteristics such as tone, pace, and emphasis, offering real-time constructive feedback to boost confidence and engagement during presentations. This tool is ideal for teachers who aim to deliver polished and engaging presentations to captivate their students.

7. ChatGPT: Generating Lesson Plans with AI Assistance

ChatGPT is an AI tool that aids teachers in generating lesson plans by providing suggestions for activities, exercises, and topics to cover in class. By inputting keywords related to the subject matter, teachers can create detailed lesson plans with the assistance of ChatGPT's AI capabilities, streamlining the planning process and enhancing classroom engagement.

8. Sendsteps.ai: Engaging Students with Interactive Presentations

Sendsteps.ai is an invaluable AI tool that enables educators to engage students effectively during class or presentations by creating interactive presentations. With Sendsteps.ai, teachers can generate engaging presentations, ask students questions, and receive real-time feedback to gauge understanding and tailor their teaching approach accordingly.

9. Yippity: Transforming Text into Interactive Quizzes with AI

Yippity is a versatile AI tool that can convert any text or webpage into engaging quizzes effortlessly. By analyzing text input, Yippity automatically generates questions and answers that can be shared with others, facilitating the creation of interactive learning materials for students. This tool is ideal for creating dynamic and interactive study resources for enhanced learning experiences.

10. Gradescope: Streamlining Assessment Processes with AI

Gradescope is an AI tool that empowers students to evaluate each other while providing feedback, optimizing the grading process for educators. This tool simplifies assessment management, allowing teachers to efficiently evaluate student progress across various types of assessments, whether online or in a physical classroom, saving time and enhancing understanding of student performance.

11. Beautiful.ai: Crafting Professional Presentations with AI Efficiency

Beautiful.ai is an AI-powered tool that expedites the creation of visually appealing slides for professional presentations. This tool leverages intelligent technology to automate slide creation, offering a vast library of AI-generated smart slides for teachers to craft striking and professional presentations effortlessly. Beautiful.ai enables educators to communicate ideas effectively while maximizing efficiency and minimizing disruptions to their workflow.

12. SlidesAI.io: Simplifying Presentation Creation with AI Templates

SlidesAI.io offers a variety of presentation templates, including educational themes, facilitating the quick creation of engaging presentations for teachers. This AI-powered tool automates the slide creation process, allowing educators to input text, choose the number of slides, and transform text into visually captivating slides effortlessly. With SlidesAI.io, teachers can create professional presentations with ease, regardless of technical expertise.

13. Turnitin: Detecting Plagiarism with Advanced AI Technology

Turnitin is an advanced AI tool trusted by educators to identify potential plagiarism in student work effectively. By comparing submissions to a vast database of academic sources and internet publications, Turnitin generates a similarity report that highlights any instances of plagiarism. This tool also detects emerging trends in misconduct, keeping teachers informed of new plagiarism methods, and ensuring the integrity of academic research and publishing.

14. PowerPoint Speaker Coach: Refining Presentation Skills with AI Feedback

PowerPoint Speaker Coach is an AI tool that assists educators in honing their presentation skills by evaluating various aspects of their presentations. This tool analyzes pacing, pitch, filler word usage, and other speaking habits, providing teachers with valuable feedback to enhance their delivery and engagement. With the Speaker Coach feature, teachers can practice presentations in private and identify areas for improvement to deliver impactful and polished talks.

5 Best Practices for Implementing AI Tools in Education

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1. Set a clear goal

When selecting the right artificial intelligence-powered tool, you first need to decide what it will be used for. Do you want to save time on the grading process or writing reports? Could you use some help designing the perfect course or making engaging presentations? The tool you choose will depend on your requirements.

2. Conduct thorough research

Search the Internet for the best AI-powered tools for your desired use case and make sure to read any reviews and recommendations as well. Ask other teachers or read teacher blogs for real-life experience and honest feedback.

3. Try it out

Play around with your new teaching toy. The best way to master an AI tool is through use, so try your best to test its limits, noting how well it does or does not perform certain tasks. It’s also important to find an AI tool that works best for you and your classroom environment because not every tool is suited to every teacher or situation.

4. Implementation & Support

Can the tool easily integrate with your existing learning systems? Is there proper training and technical help for teachers and students? Apart from these factors, the tool should have strong security measures and comply with data privacy regulations.

5. Utilize and review

Once you feel comfortable, you can start to unleash its potential in the classroom. This can be done by teaching your students a lesson designed entirely or partially using AI. As with any innovation, it’s always important to keep tabs on what works and what doesn’t. That way, you’ll understand the dos and don’ts of using AI-powered tools in the future.

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Save Time While Grading Schoolwork — Join 30,000+ Educators Worldwide & Use EssayGrader AI, The Original AI Essay Grader

As a teacher, grading essays can be a time-consuming task. It can take around 10 minutes to grade a single essay, and with multiple students to evaluate, this process can become overwhelming. EssayGrader.ai is a valuable tool that simplifies and streamlines the grading process, saving teachers significant time in the process. 

Streamlining Essay Grading with EssayGrader's Efficient Tools

On average, it takes me about 30 seconds to grade an essay with EssayGrader, which is a 95% reduction in the time it usually takes to grade a paper. This tool allows me to replicate my grading rubrics, set up fully custom rubrics, grade essays by class, and even use an AI detector to catch essays written by AI. With EssayGrader, I can summarize essays quickly using the essay summarizer feature, which further enhances my efficiency in grading. 

Enhancing Feedback Quality and Efficiency with EssayGrader's AI Platform

This AI grading platform has been instrumental in helping me provide high-quality, specific, and accurate writing feedback to my students in a fraction of the time it would typically take. I highly recommend EssayGrader to my colleagues looking to streamline their grading process and provide valuable feedback to their students.

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